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JBL Eon One, Column-PA consists of a 10 “subwoofer amplifiers and mixers as well as a 6x 2” column speaker thomann with two spacers, Compact speaker system for concerts, conferences, 380 watts and 118 dB SPL offer 6-channel a powerful sound, Built mixer with EQ and reverb for connecting multiple signals (microphones, instruments, CD or MP3 player), connectors for XLR, jack, mini jack and RCA, channel 1-2 with bass, thomann treble, reverb, mic / line selector, and combo 6.3mm / XLR input, channel 3/4, with 6.3mm jack (stereo) or 2x RCA, Channel 5/6 with 3.5mm or Bluetooth audio streaming, Digital Class-D amplifier, 1x 10 “Sub 6x 2 “top unit, power: 250 watts (LF) 130 Watt HF, Max SPL thomann peak: 118 dB, dimensions 593mm x 369mm x 434mm, weight: 18.5 kg

Reference: JBL Eon One

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