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Because we have such an extensive stock of rental equipment and specialist engineers to service and install it, we can handle the widest possible range of events. Many Belgian and international companies and events agencies bring in Auvicom to organise their meetings, conferences and events. The result: more than 2500 projects each year – and even more satisfied clients.

“One finds limits by pushing them.”
Albert Einstein

About our rental service

Are you looking for a partner with more than 30 years of events experience under its belt, plus a whole arsenal of equipment to call on? A partner with experience in countless fixed A/V installations, meaning it always has the very latest gear available to rent to you? A partner who listens to your needs and works with you to find the best and most budget-friendly solution? A partner whose careful sourcing investments mean that it is not dependent on just one supplier?

The Auvicom rental service offers you:

Completely transparent quotes

Our quotes are broken down per item – not just general estimates.

An experienced and specialised team

We offer our clients a multilingual team of experienced and specialised engineers and account managers.

High-end equipment from the better manufacturers

Auvicom works with AA-brands only, guaranteeing they work properly and at the right price.

Backup scenario

If something goes wrong – because, unfortunately in our world, Murphy can sometimes be involved – we have countless we backup scenarios to ensure that your event can recover with the least damage.

Specialised technical plans

Using special software, we draw up plans with force point measurements, rigging points and maximum permitted weight. Safety before everything!

B2B as a solid foundation

Auvicom focuses on B2B events. From basic conferences to the most exuberant staff parties. Your guarantee of robust equipment.

Safety before everything!

Many of the engineers at Auvicom are also safety coordinators or even Health & Safety advisers. And the fact that we hold the right certificates for working with elevated platforms and forklift trucks, as well as the many specialised Avixa certificates, means we can tackle every project professionally. Our expertise is also supplemented by training courses with suppliers.  And, last but not least, we also have a CTS Avixa technician working at Auvicom, which is unique in Belgium and one of the 4000 specialists worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Auvicom able to be a specialist in everything: rental, sales and service?

We offer everything to do with audiovisual.

The sales team works daily with the very latest technologies and solutions, so their experiences are shared among the other departments.

The team responsible for the rental side of the business tests these technologies and solutions in the field. So, again there are very valuable exchanges between teams.

If the sales team is not able to have a device delivered on time, the rental department takes over with a backup solution. This flexibility is very much appreciated by our clients.

The same applies to our service department, which can always count on replacement equipment from our rental department in instances such as strict SLA contracts.

How far does your capacity reach? Would Tomorrowland be an option for Auvicom?

Although it would be a great reference, a Tomorrowland stage with sound, lighting and images is not one of Auvicom’s specialist areas. For that sort of project, we have other strong partners in Belgium that we sometimes work with. Auvicom’s core business lies in the B2B world or corporate or government events and conferences. That’s where we focus all our efforts.

We also like to dress up those events that may sometimes be a little less exciting by adding atmosphere and light. That means we can quickly upgrade a corporate event to the level of Tomorrowland, if required! We certainly have the knowledge, equipment and know-how in-house!

Is it a good idea to publish your rental prices openly on your websites?

Auvicom works deliberately with a very transparent pricing policy. A rental project or event doesn’t work on price alone. Auvicom opts for quality and operational certainties. By publishing our rental prices online, clients can see clearly what they are getting and at what price.

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