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We monitor the constantly evolving technology revolution to ensure our wide range of top-quality A/V gear keeps pace with the latest developments on the market. Our experienced specialists will be happy to take you through the whole range, advising you about how, where and why to install your audio, video and lighting equipment. Professional equipment and expert advice: the best guarantee of a successful project.

“Don’t just deliver a product – deliver a solution”

The 4 phases of our sales cycle.

Preparation phase

Our experienced team begins by listening to your needs. What may have gone wrong in the past? Do you have your own A/V skills in-house? How do you see us working together? In other words, every possible question is covered. After this, we look at the practical side of the project. What spaces need to be equipped? Everything is photographed and dimensions taken, plus other details such as the finish on the floors, ceilings and walls and the best way of connecting everything and concealing the cabling.

Our team devises a strategy for every project, outlining a plan of approach in which any technical restrictions can be resolved. As your project integrator, we make a selection from the huge range of A/V equipment on the market, with the ultimate aim of creating the customised installation that’s perfect for you.

And, last but not least, we draw up a proposal that is presented to you on-site, depending on the size of the project. If required, we will also organise a demonstration in conjunction with our rental team.

Processing phase

Once the project has been approved, we will consult with you again. Very often, there are still choices to be made in terms of variations, options or colours.

A purchase order is then issued to us for the project and we place orders accordingly with our suppliers. Auvicom has a particularly wide range of equipment and is only able to keep the most frequently sold items in stock. All the rest is ordered from the Belgian importer. We have been working with our suppliers for years – they are familiar with our demanding requirements and know that our clients always come first.

The preparatory technical phase coordinated by our engineers begins when the equipment has been delivered. This includes software updates, building the equipment into racks, internal connections, programming and the configuration of processors and touchscreens, rigging brackets, testing and assembly.

At every stage along the way, there is close contact between the Auvicom account manager or project manager (for larger projects) and the client.

Implementation phase

This is the stage at which you can expect to see our engineers come on-site for the installation. The Auvicom coordinator will also be on hand with you on day one of installation for any final consultation.

Preparatory structural or cabling work is carried out for new systems to be installed in renovation or new-build projects. In existing office environments, everything is more likely to be put in place at the same time.

All equipment is assembled, connected, programmed and checked. Of course we also provide training for you when the system is delivered. And if you have any other questions, you can talk to Auvicom 24/7.

Follow-up phase

This is the phase for which Auvicom is both famous and infamous – we never leave our clients to fend for themselves – which is why they are all, without exception, offered a RED contract free of charge for the first year after purchase – this is a contract that guarantees everything will work properly with the help of our services.

And you can be sure that we will be happy to keep an eye on the way your installation is progressing in the months afterwards – in fact the flexibility of your A/V partner in this area is without equal.

Intensive or repeated training courses are certainly also an option.

Wireless presentation systems

Collaboration installations

Audio, video & telephony installations

Touchscreens & voting systems


Meeting & room reservation

Presentation tools

Digital signage


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only work with a limited number of brands or partners?

There are lots of factors involved in deciding to work with this or that partner/supplier:

  • their available stock in Belgium
  • their in-house knowledge and proposed guidance and supervision
  • the training courses available and certification process used
  • their own aftersales service platform
  • price/quality ratio – value for money
  • the brand’s market positioning
  • and especially the ongoing development of the technical options available

If we are given satisfactory answers to all these questions, the choice is quick and easy and the brand will certainly be eligible for inclusion in our portfolio. So what Auvicom does for you is to make an initial selection. And the added value we bring is for your benefit.

Your counterparts work with different people on a project – with you, that side of the business is not so visible. Why is that?

This is a deliberate choice made by Auvicom. We have a multi-skilled team that is constantly being trained. But on a certain level, we do opt for one or more specialist areas (videoconferencing, audio projects, auditoriums, control systems, etc.). In doing so, we are able to offer our clients a single point of contact (SPOC), who is supported by a team of specialists.

Which regions does Auvicom service ?

Auvicom provides its services across the whole of Belgium, so you don’t need to look anywhere else. We believe that the right audiovisual partner is bound to provide perfect service and execution. However, we do work with a number of well-established A/V partners for projects outside Belgium (e.g. the Skype-Microsoft project in Luxembourg).

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