We are an authorised repairer for the better makes, plus we have the audiovisual versatility needed and decades of experience behind us: three important assets that enable us to stand out from the crowd in terms of A/V service and attract the big companies. The know-how of our own technicians, our in-house repairs and servicing workshop and our large stocks of backup equipment all make for a successful mix. Auvicom is also experienced in implementing strict service contracts and SLAs.

“The highest of distinctions is service to others” – Harry Houdini

Service contracts

Auvicom offers a wide range of service contracts, with various options such as annual maintenance, response times and the availability of backup materials for the equipment installed.

On-demand call-out and maintenance

The client has a technical audiovisual problem and reports it to Auvicom. An S-project is then set up and all of the relevant information gathered. The right engineer is then despatched on-site to resolve the problem.

Service contracts

Clients can opt for one of the Auvicom service contracts (see below). These guarantee speed, flexibility and annual maintenance. The actual terms depend on the contract selected.

Permanent on-site presence

Clients can also opt to have someone there permanently at their site. In that instance, Auvicom makes an engineer permanently available, who works under the authority of the client, but is supported by the knowledge and especially the backup of the whole Auvicom team.

  • In-house repair of all A/V equipment
  • 2 fully equipped in-house technical labs
  • Wide range of audiovisual spare parts available
  • Repairs, down to the component level
  • Rapid intervention team for urgent assignments
  • Large stock of rental equipment as backup



Frequently Asked Questions

I had to wait for 3 days for action after my call – although I did receive an initial administrative response the day after – How can this be done more quickly in the future?

We receive over 1000 service call-outs each year, which require strict planning. If there is no maintenance contract in place, Auvicom does everything it can to respond to each service request, albeit on a non-priority basis.

Do you repair all makes of audiovisual equipment ?

In principle we do, but in recent years we have noticed that some B-brand manufacturers unfortunately neglect their aftersales service. This means that some components and schematics are being removed from the range sooner than is legally permitted, so we are no longer able to repair devices as we would like to.

That is one of the main reasons why Auvicom only works with A-brands where the aftersales service is considerably better.

Sometimes manufacturers also offer direct servicing. In that case, an authorised repair company comes on-site to repair the equipment. It is important to check whether your product is covered by this service or not.

Can maintenance contracts be personalised to our company and what happens with equipment that you haven’t installed?

The 3 packages that we currently offer provide most clients with the service they need, although if you need a particular feature, we are certainly willing to listen. Our service team will be happy to guide you.

The same team will also schedule a visit to draw up an inventory of all the equipment you want to include in the maintenance contract.

Once this has been done, the purchase prices can be established and the percentage to the required contract. There’s also a chance that some manufacturers do not allow servicing in Belgium. If that’s the case, we will look for an appropriate solution.

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