We all know that the office is a flexible workplace, where we want to interact and inspire each other. And we also understand that tools are needed to facilitate this properly. The office facilities should help you to do your work smart, safe and simple. GoBright workplace management solutions are here to help. We have used the past months to create new (marketing) materials to show you how our solutions improve working life at the office. And now, we proudly present them to you.

‘’A day at the office with GoBright”

What does a working day at the office look like, when using the GoBright solutions?

Room Management

With a smart Room Booking system you can manage different types of meeting and huddle rooms. 

Desk Management

With modern ways of working such as activity-based or open-spaced working, flexible desk use automatically comes into play.

Visitor Management

A professional and warm welcome to your visitors.

Meer info over GoBright?

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NEC WD551 - Demonstratie van het Windows Collaboration Display

Hieronder zie je Simon Hayes van Sharp/NEC, specialist in vergaderruimten en samenwerking, terwijl hij de innovatieve functies van de NEC WD551 Windows Collaboration Display demonstreert. De WD551 is gecertificeerd voor Microsoft Teams en levert de beste prestaties in zijn klasse voor kleine vergaderruimten.