A more natural way of working

Interactive screen

The BIG PAD PN-L2B series is the smartest newcomer to SharpNEC’s mainstream professional office range of interactive screen solutions. This clever device is designed for office meetings, architectural construction, engineering projects and demanding working environments that require responsive operation and smart integrated collaboration tools.

All of the flexibility you’ll ever need

Sharp’s smart interactive BIG PAD L2B displays combine ‘4K reading and writing’ and an intuitive ‘Pen-on-Paper’ user experience. And the USB-C connection makes it easy for you to connect your device so that you can get to work right away.

It’s the perfect choice for busy office environments, boardrooms, meeting rooms and training sessions that require responsive operation and smart integrated collaboration tools. The device encourages effective group work, promotes idea-sharing and helps users to give impressive presentations and achieve better results from meetings.

Main features

USB-C connectivity

Plug & Play meetings

Connecting your notebook to the display via USB-C automatically activates the image, sound and camera of the presentation screen. No more fiddling around with cables and connectors at the start of the meeting. Which is a breath of fresh air for less technically able users or external visitors. It also charges your notebook.

Bring your own device

Extreme freedom

Most users don’t like a touchscreen in the meeting room. These usually involve unfamiliar menu settings or specific applications on the screen. But with Sharp’s PN-L2B screens, it’s child’s play to connect your laptop. The Sharp screen becomes an extension of your own laptop – including all of the functionalities you are familiar with. And as soon as you disconnect your laptop, all of the functionalities disappear and the device is ready for the next user.


Just like the real thing!

Sharp’s PrecisionTouch technology makes it possible to write and draw very accurately and responsively, with up to as many as 20 touchpoints.

De PN-L2B BIG PAD series

Smart interactive displays

The Sharp PN-L862B, PN-L752B and PN-L652B 4K BIG PAD interactive screens enable you to enjoy a more natural way of working and are available in 65″, 75″ and 86″ versions.

AV PN-ZCMS1 Soundbar

The PN-L2B BIG PAD series is available with an all-in-one combined communication soundbar, including speaker, microphone and camera. This enables fast and easy-to-use unified communications and delivers an impressive upgrade to almost every office, meeting room and classroom.


Total coverage of the room

The 12 MP built-in camera with 120° field of view ensures that everyone in the room can be seen.

Superior quality sound

The 6-point microphone records voices clearly and cancels echoes to create a clearer sound, even in larger spaces.

Focus on the presenter

Intelligent face recognition and voice localisation keeps track of who is speaking and switches smoothly between presenters.

Get your meeting started quickly

Save up to two camera positions and switch between them using the remote control.

Simple to install

Easy to mount on top of the BIG PAD L2B series or directly on the wall using the wall-mounting bracket.

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