PSNI Global Alliance is the world’s most recognized network of AV integrators, manufacturers, distributors, and service partners, with a presence in more than 200 cities worldwide. Its innovative model allows best-in-class providers to work as one, bringing scalable, standardized technology solutions and managed services to organizations everywhere.

The Alliance offers an immense range of specialized, fully vetted expertise that advances organizational strategies and activates innovation. Its proprietary global deployment and services certifications allow Alliance affiliates to finish projects faster and more consistently, and ensure top-tier, localized support. Technology end users receive service in their own languages and in compliance with the regulations and requirements of each destination. If desired, customers can even keep their local or regional technology partners while receiving global Alliance support.

From project design, integration, and user training to ongoing solutions management, The Alliance expands and improves the integration and optimization of technology solutions so organizations around the world can transform the ways they work and experience life.

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