GUIL Material lifter TORO C-305 (secondhand) (brand new)

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Material lifter manufactured in aluminium and steel, designed to lift loads of up to 320 kg up to a maximum height of 6.5 metres.

Its high load capacity, its wide variety of applications and its easy handling, make the TORO C-305 Lifter the perfect complement for any type of job.

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The TORO C-305 lifter that thanks to its components has a sturdy but light design, is certified to lift loads of up to 320 kg to a maximum height of 6.5 metres.

This Material Lifter, with 4 aluminium mast profiles that are raised with a pulley system, is supplied with all the necessary components and accessories for its use: side stabiliser legs with levellers, forks, double-handled winch, wheels for vertical and horizontal manoeuvring, etc.

Our lifters have a special design that allows the legs to be inserted both in the front and the back of the tower, to be able to use it flush to the wall or workspace. These legs are equipped with height adjustable wheels. (Note: Counterweight holder and weights available)

The lifter is equipped with an automatic brake winch (ref.: AL-KO OPTIMA 901) which stops and holds the load at the desired height; when the handles are released the automatic brake holds the load in place.

The winch has a removable crank handle so that the tower can’t be used by unauthorised personnel, and also saves on space for the transporting and storage of the lift.

Thanks to its special design to easily load it into vehicles, the simple positioning of the load to be lifted and its quick and easy set-up this lifter is considered one of the most functional towers on the market.

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