When creating the totally new Brand Experience Centre for Toyota Motor Europe in Evere (Brussels), Auvicom handled all of the design and setup for the equipment used in the Theatre, Studio and Sky Lab meeting rooms.

The Brand Experience Theatre is a former workshop that has been converted into a modern auditorium that includes a full audiovisual system, complete with control room. Without doubt, the star of the show is Samsung’s giant 33 m2 LED wall. The Brand Experience Sky Lab on the first floor is a multipurpose training space featuring conference facilities and Obeya pods. The Studio is a professional recording studio with green key.

Toyota Motor Europe and Auvicom have already worked together successfully in the past. And in conjunction with the D-Side Group events agency (consulting partner for the technical and implementation side of the Brand Experience Centre), they have previously produced all sorts of great events. So it was only logical that Auvicom should be called in to take care of the whole audiovisual and technical setup of this particular installation.    

Brand Experience Theatre

It goes without saying that a major client such as Toyota Motor Europe, with its headquarters in Brussels, needs a large, modern, multipurpose space to work in.

And as the head office for Europe, the Brussels branch of the Japanese car manufacturer is required, among other things, to organise regular events to present and showcase new models of its cars. The 400 m2 events space can accommodate 130 people and is fully equipped to stage press conferences, product launches and other live happenings, including recording and live-streaming events.

The whole setup includes a fully functional control room, PTZ cameras, microphones, sound and image systems, TRUSSGRID and lighting – all put in place to enable the professional staging of live, streaming and hybrid events or recordings.

34 lighting points of various types and 8 moving heads are used to provide the perfect lighting of the stage and the room. These are attached to a flexible TRUSS structure controlled by 8 electric hoists to enable the ideal lighting design for any event. This means that the room, the speakers and the vehicles can all be lit to perfection. In addition, the existing standard house lighting was also made intelligently controllable.

The sound system consists of 8 speakers (front and monitor) and 2 sub-woofers, which are cleverly concealed below the stage, which itself is 50 cm high. With 3 PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras that are operated from the control room, the speakers, the stage and the room can all be recorded in 4K.

The control room is located in an enclosed space at the back of the room and includes the control console for the lighting, as well as an audio mixing desk. The powerful Barco E2 video processor ensures total control over the multi-picture image system, with live screen management and superior image quality.

Samsung LED wall

But the true pièce de résistance in the Brand Experience Theatre at Toyota Motor Europe is a gigantic Samsung 2 mm pixel 4K LED wall.

The giant screen measures 7.68 m x 4.32 m, weighs 700 kg and is consists of 64 large panels measuring 54 cm x 96 cm, which again are made up of 12 smaller panels.

To carry out this project, Auvicom worked closely with the contractor, which was responsible for designing and converting the space. The 768 LED panels were mounted on a frame attached to a reinforced wall. This wall also had to be perfectly perpendicular. The installation work took a whole week to complete and was a very delicate task that required a great deal of expertise from Auvicom. The alignment of all 768 panels (X, Y and Z axes) had to be perfect to avoid the edges being visible in the final picture.

This method of working allows individual panels to be replaced in the event of defective or dead pixels. The final inspection and approval of the installation were carried out by Samsung technicians.

Brand Experience Studio

Next to the Theatre and easily recognisable by the green key background, is the fully equipped Brand Experience Studio. This space, measuring 10 m x 8 m, is totally kitted out with studio lighting, audio and picture, with features that include 3 PTZ cameras, autocue, front and back lighting for which both the height and the colour can be adjusted, monitors, touchscreen and a control console with computerised controller.

Brand Experience Sky Lab

The Sky Lab space at Toyota Motor Europe is used mainly for live events. The room measures 35 m x 20 m and is divided into 2 spaces that provide seating for 80 people. Auvicom installed 30 in-built speakers and a number of Samsung devices (85inch monitor + Samsung Flip 2 85inch) in the Obeya brainstorm space, complete with pods for interactive use.

The second space is a separate conference area measuring 17 m x 10 m, which is used for training courses and other purposes. The space is equipped with 2 x 98-inch Samsung screens, a sound system, microphones, 2 x PTZ cameras and a computerised control room with touch panel that can also be expanded.

Training by Auvicom

The Brand Experience Centre Project at Toyota Motor Europe was completed by Auvicom in 8 months with a team of 6 staff from Auvicom. In addition to installing and setting up this high-quality equipment, Auvicom also provided the appropriate training, as well as the technical services for specific events or projects.

Our thanks go to Toyota Motor Europe and Samsung for their cooperation on this report. We would also like to mention D-Side Group as the consulting partner for the technical and implementation side of the Brand Experience Centre.

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