Beobank and Auvicom have previously worked together in the past on major business events involving the hire of audiovisual equipment. Recently, Beobank also called on Auvicom’s expertise for the design and setup of the audiovisual equipment used in the various rooms at Beobank House, the bank’s brand-new headquarters in Brussels.

Beobank is a Belgian retail bank that is part of the French Crédit Mutuel group.  The mission that Beobank has set itself is to provide the best possible support to its customers at every stage of their life by offering personalised solutions and by building long-term relationships. Beobank has a sales network of 213 locations across the whole of Belgium, employing 1300 staff and servicing almost 750,000 personal and business customers.

The site of the new Belgian head office at “Beobank House” is close to the city’s North district and the Inner Ring Road in the centre of Brussels. This particular location was chosen because it met a number of important criteria: it is easy to get to, it has good visibility in the city, it provides versatile, open and light working spaces and it is situated in a sustainable building that reflects the bank’s values. Most of all, though, Beobank House is a very hospitable place to work. Everything is on hand to make working there enjoyable and efficient and to encourage interactions and cooperation among employees!

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A significant audiovisual challenge

The biggest challenge facing Auvicom for this new head office site was that all of the audiovisual equipment had to meet very high quality requirements, while at the same time being easy to use. In total, 5 training rooms, an auditorium seating 100 people and a boardroom had to be equipped with all the latest tech and systems to be able to handle audio, video, streaming, presentations, and meetings. It was a challenging and highly demanding project in which all of Auvicom’s expertise was used and put to the test.

If we had to do it all again, we would definitely come to Auvicom. They are a partner that listens to the customer and makes every effort to provide the right solution. Auvicom has a very high level of expertise and offers outstanding technical support and aftersales service.

Pierre Delvaux

Chief Operating Officer, Beobank

The advantage of the fact that Beobank House was a new building was that all of the audiovisual equipment used could be standardised and all of the cabling required could be planned in advance as much as possible (although it wasn’t always easy to get all of the various partners involved singing from the same hymn sheet!).

One column too many in the auditorium

Some of the rooms had very specific requirements, such as holding remote meetings or incorporating some of the building’s structural elements. By proving it had just the right amount of in-house expertise, Auvicom was able not only to propose the right equipment that met all of these needs for each location, but also to integrate and adjust them to perfection.

In the auditorium, a lovely space that can accommodate 100 people, a large wall projection was planned. However, there was a great big column slap bang in the middle of the space, which meant that Auvicom had to come up with a solution requiring 2 projectors. It was a complicated and complex solution.

Auvicom was able to achieve what was needed using just 1 projector. It did so by installing a Barco F90-4K13 projector in such a way that sharp 4K images were projected at the right size on the presentation wall alongside the column.

With this installation at Beobank, Auvicom has proved once again that it is capable of delivering major projects of the highest quality. It’s a wonderful accomplishment that draws on our almost 50 years of audiovisual expertise – skills that we also learned in countless smaller projects.

Bart Van Den Daele

General Manager, Auvicom

Technical equipment in the various rooms


Various departments at Beobank regularly hold their team meetings, information sessions, training courses and workshops in the auditorium. It is a very popular space that boasts a full diary of bookings, while being so easy to operate.

As described above, a Barco F90-4K13 was used, projecting an image 5.80 metres wide x 3.26 metres high. The projection wall was prepared to be perfectly flat and treated with special projection paint.

The setup of the auditorium includes Shure wireless microphones and an audio solution from Yamaha in a stylishly discreet design. 2 Panasonic PTZ cameras provide image capture during events. The control room is located in an enclosed area at the back of the auditorium and includes a Crestron-controlled Biamp audio processor and the powerful S3-4K Barco video processor, for full control of multi-picture image direction with live screen management and superior image quality[1]. All facilities for providing simultaneous translations are also in place, so that this feature can be easily hired later on.

When complex events are taking place in the auditorium, Auvicom also acts as operator.


[1] The entire Auvicom installation team is Barco-certified

The Boardroom

The Boardroom is a little technological gem that has enough room to accommodate 26 people. The space itself needed to be understated, distinguished and welcoming, allowing for meetings that did not require specific equipment. At the same time, The Boardroom is also capable of handling demanding meetings, with both internal and external audio and video communication.

To maintain the sobriety and elegance of a boardroom, it was decided to house all of the electronic equipment in one large custom-made table (Pami). This means that, depending on the sort of meeting, the equipment can be made available to the participants on request.

We had very precise specifications and after a tendering process, we quickly decided to choose Auvicom, which not only understood our needs from the start, but also proposed an open solution…”

Axel Taillieu

Senior Project Manager , Beobank

Auvicom was able to build the hardware detailed above into the long table through automated systems supplied by Arthur Holm. At the touch of a button, all monitors, microphones, speakers and connection boxes can be brought into action. Add to all this an impressive 98-inch screen from Samsung, as well as all of the equipment you could possibly need for videoconferences, plus a control room with space for simultaneous translations facilities and you have created the boardroom of the future.

Training rooms

The 5 training rooms, which can seat 18 to 26 people, are all designed to deliver different types of training requirements with maximum ease of use. They are all equipped with touchscreens, 98-inch Samsung monitors, videoconferencing systems from Cisco[2], directional cameras, amplification, microphones, broadcast and streaming systems, recording systems and every conceivable form of connectivity.


[2] Not supplied by Auvicom, but installed by it

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