Endless possibilities

What is Flip Pro?

Meet Samsung Flip Pro, the high-quality interactive display that takes viewing experiences to the next level. With its intuitive writing, extensive connectivity, smart solutions and brilliant hardware, Flip Pro offers limitless resources and huge flexibility in both meeting rooms and classrooms to create an engaging, connected and comfortable working environment. Experience endless possibilities with Samsung Flip Pro.

Better interaction with unrivalled multi-touch

Fast and multi-touch

Flip Pro offers the industry’s best latency at just 26 ms, with predictive logic providing a realistic, fluid drawing experience with 2,048 pressure points built directly into the screen to let you unleash your creativity. In addition, Flip Pro with its multi-touch capability for as many as 20 people, delivers the ultimate in interactivity.

Multiple applications

Genuine versatility for a whole range of purposes, in any space

Samsung Flip Pro is available in different sizes to suit any space, for both business environments and education in particular. Regardless of the room size, the number of people involved or the purpose you put it to, the Flip Pro is the optimum solution for users looking for greater efficiency and creativity.

Meeting room

Exchange ideas and opinions without any constraints and share meeting reports instantly to enjoy a truly seamless experience.


Involve more people in your event, connecting them to a big screen, while ensuring an easy-to-see and highly memorable presentation for the whole audience.

Modern office environment

Work together efficiently on new ideas and then take them to the next level without any limitations.


Attract customer attention and boost sales with informative, interactive content.

Higher education

Deliver powerful lectures and seminars with access to a whole range of materials and devices.


Make learning a fun experience, with shared ideas and inspiration that increase engagement from everyone in the classroom.

Ideas come to life in an instant

Intuitive writing and drawing

The Flip Pro’s pen-and-brush mode brings ideas to life in an instant. Writing is so easy with an ‘old-school’ pen, while you can erase everything you’ve written in no time at all with a swipe of your finger or palm. The shortcut menu with palette and brushes offers plenty of room for you to indulge your creativity, while the toggle button makes it easy to create a new note layer in the user interface.

Stay connected regardless of the source

Multifaceted connectivity

The Flip Pro offers multiple connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, DP and OPS. Teachers can easily connect to any device to access content and display information on a larger screen. The Flip Pro can also be connected to any network and other devices via the LAN port and screens can be duplicated wirelessly.

One port for three functions

3-in-1 USB-C port

The 3-in-1 USB-C port provide better connectivity and enables the screen to be duplicated, touch control and the charging of external devices (max. 65 W). Teachers can connect easily via the USB Type-C Port and deliver interactive and engaging lessons without any hassle.

Share via AirPlay2


With AirPlay2 integration, presentations made by teachers and students on the Flip Pro’s large screen are clearly visible to everyone, even in larger rooms. And with a two-screen wireless setup, no one ever has to miss anything, plus no important information is lost and everyone can work together more interactively.

Smart, wireless sharing from multiple devices


With SmartView+, up to 50 devices can be connected wirelessly to the interactive display at the same time, with multi-view possible on four screens. This cable-free screen-sharing functionality is ideal for larger meeting rooms and digitised classrooms.

Endless learning opportunities

The digitisation of education has accelerated impactful, interactive collaboration and Flip Pro gives teachers the tools they need to provide a new, cutting-edge way of teaching. Flip Pro offers versatile connectivity, intelligent software and intuitive features, opening the door to the education of the future.

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