ISE 2022, Integrated Systems Europe, the world’s biggest trade show for the AV industry and system integrators, was held recently in Barcelona. We went along to take a look for you so we could summarise some of the latest new features on offer.

Arthur Holm

Dynamic 4
The Dynamic4 is a unique Windows based media meeting point that creates an unmatchable meeting platform with extended flexibility. It comprises a motorised mechanism of 4 screens with 4 integrated cameras, 2 speakers,2 array microphones, a CPU, 4 USB power and 2 tabletop HDMI inputs . It is a center of table solution that helps to optimize the space and to keep the eye contact during the meetings. By the push of a button, 4 monitors will raise from the table surface.
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Holographic Human

Connect with your audience with the human-size 3D display solution.
Use the HYPERVSN holographic Human to connect with your audience on a more personal level, increasing the impact of your marketing message.

HYPERVSN Holographic Human is an innovative solution to display 3D life-size human holographic visuals. Now you can implement a solution which is proven to increase engagement, build your brand and strengthen message retention.
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PDG Samsung EV Charging Tower
Delight your guests with a seamless and engaging charging experience. Entice electric car owners to frequent your business locations and offer convenient charging with the ElectricVehicle
(EV) digital charging Tower. The EV digital charging Tower is a self- service EV charging station integrated with a Samsung 55″ full outdoor digital screen to display branding, advertising and information.
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Transparent OLED Signage

LG Transparent OLED Signage offers new ways to communicate visually and opens up a whole new level of creativity that even conventional digital signage cannot offer.
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Dante AV

Video, audio, and metadata over IP networks

Dante AV is a component of IT based networking technology to quickly and easily develop interoperable hardware products for sending and receiving video, audio, and metadata over IP networks.

Dante AV includes two elements: The Dante AV Module which delivers Dante integration with 1 video channel and up to 8 audio channels (transmit or receive), and the Dante AV Product Design Suite, which is a comprehensive package utilizing the Dante AV Module.

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BEC Akustik


For more than 25 years, BEC is a solid and reliable player in the industrial supply of all types of permanent magnets. Especially in the field of NdFeB, we have created a name for ourselves with our own development ranks of TERRAMAG series. To date, we employ about 50 people in Moers, Seoul and Shanghai. A lean corporate structure and short decision-making paths shape our reliability and flexibility.
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Leyard VVRi-VP-serie

LED Video Walls for Virtual Productions

Leyard VVRi-VP Series is comprised of indoor LED video wall displays with exceptional on-camera visual properties and deployment versatility for a wide variety of installations, including virtual production and extended reality.

Leyard VVRi-VP Series video walls feature narrow 1.9 mm or 2.6 mm pixel pitch and a calibrated maximum brightness of up to 1300 nits.

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Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe introduces the newest addition to its UM Series of Ultra-Short-Throw projectors at ISE 2022 in Barcelona. Thanks to an ultra-short throw lens, the NEC UM504HL can project a large, stunning image from even very small distances. It is ideally suited to museums and companies providing leisure services, but the projector can be useful for any customer requiring an intuitive projection-based signage solution.
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Optimized Room Control for Complex Spaces
Offering enhanced flexibility in room control and nearly unlimited options in UI design, the Apprimo line of touch interfaces makes it simple to configure, operate, and manage AV equipment in complex spaces. Featuring touch panels in a range of sizes, the Apprimo line enables the customization necessary for truly optimized room environments.

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AV Stumpfl

Custom Projection Screens

Are you looking for a projection screen that has to meet some special requirements? Do you want a screen which has enormous dimensions, a curved shape, an extra wide border (or no border) and special mounting options? 
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Multivison Screens

Anavision is the last product developed by Multivison Screens thanks to his powerful in-house design department. A splendid combination of a state-of-the-art retractable 120 inch (3 m) 4K display and the high-end Samsung LSP9T laser light output, The Premiere 4K Smart Triple Laser Projector, embedded into an elegant AV-furniture. Based on the latest technologies, anavision highlights Scandinavian design and is the result of a 20 year experience in the entertainment and audio-visual sector.

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