Did you know that Auvicom is responsible for servicing the European Community’s audiovisual equipment in Brussels?

We were selected as part of a consortium with Telmaco (Greece) and AVC (Slovenia) as the audiovisual support partner for the European Community in Europe. We are responsible for the servicing of all audiovisual equipment for a total of 89 institutions in Brussels. 

To make this happen, we have stationed 11 AV technicians on-site, who provide continuous support to approximately 1000 large meeting and presentation spaces and smaller rooms. 35 of these facilities are equipped with translation booths and have a capacity of between 40 and 350 people.

Through this project, Auvicom is able to demonstrate its professional skills and expertise in the audiovisual world.

Looking for service and maintenance for your audiovisual installation?

In addition to servicing audiovisual projects involving the hire and sale of equipment, Auvicom also carries out service and maintenance assignments.

And because we can offer the flexibility and know-how of our own technicians, as well as our in-house repair and maintenance workshop and our huge stocks of spare equipment and devices, we are able to make all the difference for customers with our AV service.

We offer a wide range of possibilities for service contracts, with various options, such as annual maintenance, agreed response times or the availability of spare items to back up the equipment installed.

Count on Auvicom for all your audiovisual projects

We can help you with a preliminary site survey, installation, implementation and ongoing management. Contact us for information about prices.

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