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It is with some pride that we are able to announce that Auvicom has been part of the PSNI Global Alliance since 1st January 2022 and has also been certified for Global Deployment & Service for AV solutions.

PSNI Global Alliance is the fastest-growing private network of leading technology integrators and service providers, with integrators on 6 continents and more than 200 offices all over the world. 

By working with a PSNI-certified integrator, customers benefit from a standardised approach covering service, maintenance and installation, no matter where in the world their project happens to be located. This innovative model also enables best-in-class providers to work together in order to offer scalable, standardised solutions and services to global organisations.

End-users receive service in their own language and in line with local regulations and requirements. If they wish, customers can also retain their local or regional technology partners, while still receiving worldwide alliance support.

As a result of this certification process, our members’ customers can be sure that they will always receive the same, standardised and superior service, from region to region and from country to country.

Chris Miller

Executive Director, PSNI Global Alliance

PSNI Global Alliance also offers an enormous array of specialised, fully vetted expertise in the areas of organisational strategies and innovation. Global certification for implementation and services enable Alliance members to complete projects more quickly and with greater consistency. It also ensures that there is local support for customers at the very highest level.

From project design, integration and user training, to ongoing management, the Alliance expands and enhances the integration and optimisation of technology solutions, so that organisations all over the world can transform the way they live and work.

We are delighted that Rani has been certified for Global Deployment & Service with PSNI on behalf of Auvicom. She is a valuable member of our integration team and this certification enables us to work synchronously with many international fellow integrators. In this way, we are able to place the focus on the same goals with the best results for our customers.

Bart Van Den Daele

CEO, Auvicom

In order to be certified for Global Deployment & Service, Auvicom staff must pass an exam that demonstrates their overall expertise regarding audiovisual practices worldwide, as defined by the PSNI Global Alliance.

These practices include skills associated with contracts, meetings, requirements and workflows, design and programming, the training of end-users and more. To be sure that every project complies strictly with PSNI Global Alliance standards, PSNI integrators give assessments that focus on response times and the accuracy of information, as well as whether they meet or exceed requirements.

For organisations looking for AV solutions, membership of the PSNI Global Alliance represents the ultimate reference in the sector. Better still, it is a promise that you are getting the smartest solutions, the smoothest installations and the best training, service and support.

If you would like more information about how Auvicom tackles its projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information about the PSNI Global Alliance, membership or certification, go to www.psni.org.

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