Hybrid events will always be an essential part of creating modern event experiences. We would like to give you an insight into complex hybrid events and the various techniques we use to make them happen.
To reinforce this, Auvicom created Hybrid Events Zone. Here we give you an insight into complex hybrid events and the different techniques we use to achieve this.

We assist you with the technical and practical set-up of hybrid events but we also provide additional services such as online event security portals, statistics, paid hybrid events and more. This way, we provide a complete end-to-end hybrid event service.

By adding a hybrid element to any traditional event, organisers can reach and involve a much larger target group without compromising on event quality.


Production for the hybrid event is run from our green key studio in Halle, which is where the main stream for your hybrid event originates from. There are live presentations by various people and external speakers are also involved. Virtual workshops are also set up from our studio.


It is also possible to have the broadcast with your speakers take place at your company location (or at another location of your choice). When that is the case, we convert the location into a professional recording studio.


A hybrid event can be very simple or extremely complex. We’ll come back to this later. But it is always important for your target audience to be able to go to a fixed event website, where they can find all of the information they need. General information, speaker biographies, agenda, etc. We provide you with your own event domain (eventname.hybridevents.zone), which we then personalise with your specific information, house style, photos, etc.


The heart of a hybrid event is the (secure) event portal. This is where all the channels and streams used for a hybrid event come together so that your hybrid audience can keep track of what’s going on. In most cases, this takes the form of a recorded stream from our studio, an interactive stream (poll, Q&A, etc.) and/or Zoom Rooms. If you want, we can have users register before they are given access to this page.

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